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  • Generation Europe - International Seminar, Oslo 30 April – 6 May 2004
  • Brave New Europe – International Summer University, Ljubljana 4-17 July 2004



Generation Europe Oslo , 30th 04.2004. – 06th 05.2004.

The seminar, organised by JEF-Norway for young people from the new member states of the EU was actually my second meeting with JEF – after I had got known this organisation a couple of weeks before. I was really excited about this event, because my country was – I can say our countries were – about to join the European Union and I decided to celebrate this occasion together with students from all over Europe …in a country that is not the member of the EU.

The seminar started really good, after a couple of ice-braking games we played with Finn (the fish J ). In the first three days we were in the „Europe House”, at the office of a perfectly organised campaign-team called JEF-Norway. The presentations of the country-sections gave me personally a lot of new ideas – and it's been only the first day. In the next days the lectures and the following discussions – just to mention a few of them: about the European identity, about Turkey's possible role in the integration, about the role of the EU in the world society and economy – gave us the possibility to get known some very interesting points of view concerning the topics. I think it was very good to hear the other's opinion, and the best thing was, that at the end we always managed to have a common idea – let's say a European one.

During the first days of the seminar we were discussing a lot, so in the second phase we have known eachother good enough to be able to start working together in smaller working groups. We got a lot of good ideas and positions from Steven and Åse for example how to plan projects and how to lobby the „big institutions in Brussels ”. I think these working groups will help us to work together also after the seminar.

The „practical” part of our week in Oslo included also a lot of interesting visits at Norwegian institutions like the Norwegian Youth Council (LNU), the so called ARENA (Centre for European Studies), the Parliament of Norway or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We also heard an interesting lecture from Peter Sutherland, a former EU-Commissioner.

Our small group of eleven people had – thanks Bjarne and the other JEFers - a lot of fun in Oslo during the week we spent there, just to mention a couple of events: international evening at Siri's place (it was really international, because an Estonian and a Hungarian tried to make some Mexican food in a kitchen where actually two Norwegian girls wanted to rule… J ), nice hours in Norwegian pubs (Justisen rules!!!) or the enlargement-party at “Fabrikken” (probably the biggest JEF-Norway event ever with over 300 people)…etc. And we only lost one time our Polish friend!

So I would like to say a big thank you again to our hosts, especially Bjarne in the name of the “Generation Europe” group. THANK YOU!

Levente Nagy , Hungary


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